System of Education

Besides utmost emphasis on academics, individual attention is paid to ensure physical, individual, moral and emotional development of student in their formative years. The house system further ensures personal attention in dealing with the emotional problems, while the perfect system infuses traits like discipline and determination.



City Public Sen Sec School's academically ambitious curriculum incorporates some of the most advanced contemporary thinking in early childhood education including research on multiple intelligence. The personalized learning plan is the hallmark of the school which is modified as goals, are met and newer concepts introduced. Thus, the child is prepared for the joys and challenges of the future.


Advisor Group

Every student in Grades 9 to 12 is a member of an advisor group divided within a grade on a random basis: Each group has around 10 to 12 students and remains it act as much as possible throughout the students High School careers. Advisors aim is to help with academic decorum and personal problems. Thus, they may act as a channel for getting opinions and feelings on various issues back to other staff or the administration.

Notice Board


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