Affiliated to C.B.S.E.


City Public Sen Sec School's academically ambitious curriculum incorporates some of the most advanced contemporary thinking in early childhood education including research on multiple intelligence. The personalized learning plan is the hallmark of the school which is modified as goals, are met and newer concepts introduced. Thus, the child is prepared for the joys and challenges of the future. At City Public Sen Sec School's every child is provided with an opportunity to pick up the ideas and concepts at his comfort level; to discover the world around him and to understand the meaning of life at his own pace.

Location & Climate-

(A Salubrious pollution free environment)

City Public Sen Sec School is located at Farrukhabad amidst healthy and peaceful locality. The location is immaculate and completely pollution free, with abundance of green surrounding having more than two acres of own land dotted with academic blocks, laboratories, auditorium, library, dispensary and the best sporting facilities.

Aims and Objectives

* A home is a loving and caring environment where the child gets constant positive reinforcements.
* A parent is a role model and an example.
* A school is an extended family.
* A school is an inspiring physical environment.
* A school lets music, art and drama refine character and deepen emotions.
* A parents participates in continuos learning about the child.
* A teacher is a role model and an example.

System of Education

Besides utmost emphasis on academics, individual attention is paid to ensure physical, individual, moral and emotional development of student in their formative years. The house system further ensures personal attention in dealing with the emotional problems, while the perfect system infuses traits like discipline and determination.



We have dedicated, highly educated and devoted team of teachers who are deeply committed to the cause of education. They are especially trained in the areas of child psychology and behaviours and are provided with regular workshops orientation courses to upgrade their knowledge and teaching skill.

Extra  Activities


For the all-round development of the child, regular Extra & Cocurricular activities are organized and children are encouraged to participate. These activities enable the child’s development in following aspect.

* Physical Development

* Mental Development

* Intellectual Development

* Social Development and many more..............


Prizes/Cup are given at the end of every session for the following- 1. Best Students 2. Best Sports Persons 3. General Proficiency (For all Classes) 4. Neatness and Cleanliness.

Medical Facilities

A fully equipped infirmary is set up to provide medical care besides we have entered into an agreement with multi speciality hospital nearby to meet any emergency. Once in a year we are organizing free medical check up camp and Hepatitis-B Vaccination camp for the students.

Play time(Nursery is less Educational and more fun)

To ensure that the little ones remain mentally fresh and happy,the school has introduced the following:
1. Your baby learns to read and write not with books and pencils
but through computers, kept on the carpet ground to make it easier for your kids to deal with the keyboard.
2. Specially designed, attractive multi-coloured fibre glass furnitures for correct posture and to reduced fatigue of your baby.
3. Water Kingdom (Once a month)
4. Fun day (Once a month)
5. Computer World
6. Dance and Aerobics

A Word To Parents! Ease Off

In this ever changing world, we seldom think rationally and the result being that we are always the last passengers to board the flight. We speak of modernisation and think proudly to be in the 21st century never giving a second thought whether we are in tune with the changes. In fact we are too bold to accept the fact that there is still so much to learn. We have to make strong commitments to remove our mistakes and accept reality. It is only then that our society and our country will be put into gear to surpass the present ups and downs. We being Indians, it is our prime duty to help the ignorant ones and to realise problems like illiteracy and communalism. The young generations easily shadowed by westernisation and ends up forgetting the rich cultural heritage of our country. We should not forget the fact that today's children are tomorrow's nation. When a child fails to redeem his/her honour, he/she might either become aggressive or turn introvert and therefore proper psychiatric treatment and counselling is needed to be given by the teacher and the parents whether at home or at the school level. The teachers should be confident about their subject teaching and they should take up teaching as a profession with full devotion and dedication in order to impart proper education in true sense of the term. I strongly support Mr. Shiva Khera's slogan "Educating the MIND without MORALS creates a MANIAC in the society". Hence, a great effort is needed for the upliftment of the all round development of a student. "Time and tide waits for none", keeping this in view, we should try to procure the best and forget the rest.