The school library has very rich collection of books, audio and video cassettes and CDs of various subjects and topic.


Classroom with Projector Classes


Well ventilated class room equipped with modern teaching aids for certain classes.

Low Student & Teacher Ratio

In order to pay more attention to every student of the class and impart quality education, very low student teacher ratio of 25 : 1 is maintained.

Games & Sports

Besides utmost emphasis on academics, individual attention is paid to ensure physical, individual, moral and emotional development of student in their formative years. 


We have dedicated, highly educated and devoted team of teachers who are deeply committed to the cause of education with other activities development like music and sports. 

Yoga Classes

  These activities enable the child’s development in following aspect.

* Physical Development

* Mental Development

* Intellectual Development

* Social Development and many more..............


Prizes/Cup are given at the end of every session for the following- 1. Best Students 2. Best Sports Persons 3. General Proficiency (For all Classes) 4. Neatness and Cleanliness.

Medical Facilities

A fully equipped infirmary is set up to provide medical care besides we have entered into an agreement with multi speciality hospital nearby to meet any emergency. Once in a year we are organizing free medical check up camp for the students.


Dear Parents,

Who wouldn't like ones dream come true? We at City Public Sen Sec School strive hard to impart value-based education where knowledge can be acquired easily without any distress. The school's vision of education is different in character and substance. Apart from academic excellence, we take care to instill in young minds confidence, will power, goal setting competencies and develop analytical abilities. We believe success in the board examination are forgotten in the later year. What the students have to take with them is their most precious possessionstrong analyzing and critical minds as well as firm characters. The future of this world depends on the type of education children get in school. Children will become what education makes them to be. Our aim is to make the child free from prejudices on account of religion, race or language. Feeling of tolerance, understanding and love for all mankind is being infused in the child so that he/she views the world as one family. In order to create a peace loving world we need to build ramparts of peace in our hearts. Charles Buston aptly said 'The road to success is not to be run upon by seven leagued boots. Step by step. Little by little, Bit by bit–that is the way to glory! These golden words are true in the history of City Public Sen Sec School. Seeking the co-operation of all in the Divine task.